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Maile's Corner!
In October 1999, Maile Ogata was born with Apert's Syndrome. She had endured six surgeries by her third birthday. One day a therapist encouraged Cindy to massage Maile’s fingers to reduce scar tissue and gain range of motion in her fingers. Impressed with the results, Cindy was inspired to learn the rest of the body. This was how she turned Maile’s challenges into blessings with the start of Therapeutic Touch of Health. 

Before Maile was a year old, a Doctor from Stanford commented that Maile would have cognitive challenges because she was missing her corpus callosum. After her cleft palate surgery, one eye started to wonder off into when you spoke to her…along with her multiple delays. Cindy searched for answers to these challenges and found Brain Gym. After a year of doing simple brain gym movements with Maile, her Neurologist noted that Maile was among a very small percent that made great gains in such a short period. Her eye doctor was impressed that her eyes stabilized without his prescribe glasses/patches. Today Maile is like another other child in regular education with her strengths and weaknesses.

Somewhere around her eighth surgery, Maile would sleep walk into her parent’s room every night for weeks. Cindy decided to experiment with various essential oils to see if she could reduce the post surgical trauma and anxieties Maile was going through. She rubbed a drop of lavender on Maile’s chest for a week. That was the end of her sleep walking! Since then, Cindy uses her “Dr. Mom” kit of essential oils during the flu season to keep Maile healthy. Maile loves using essential oil on her outer ear and foot every evening. Some of her favorite Young Living Oils include Peace & Calming, Joy, Purification, Thieves, Lavendar and R.C.

  Eleven years ago, Washington Middle School adopted Maile’s Dream. The Dream that people should be judged by their character and not by their physical differences. She is attending fifth grade regular education at Aliamanu Elementary School. Maile’s Dream is a Celebration of Differences and is organized by Christine Routon and the Student Body Government Class at Washington Middle School. The objective of this Fair is to raise awareness of differences through activities and special entertainment and encourage acceptance. Please join us and bring family and friends!  
"Maile’s Dream ~ A Celebration of Differences" is an annual fundraiser for Easter Seals Hawaii hosted by the Washington Middle School students, family and staff.  The goal is to educate kids on what it is like to be different with activities like blind bowling, wheelchair basketball, obstacle course, and other fun activities.  

Proceeds go to the Early Intervention Program at Easter Seals Hawaii, a program that provided much needed services during Maile’s early years. For more information contact Cindy Ogata at 836-1490 or Christine Routon at 973-0177.

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